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BLOG - How's your time management?

21 May 2015

Be Efficient, Effective and Get Things Done
So what is Time Management?

• Life Management and Personal Management
• It allows you to gain control over your workload, be prepared for problems and emergencies, get the important work done on time and plan for the future.
• With your time under control you can become more relaxed and confident giving you a powerful tool (for furthering your career or any aspect of your life).
How good is your Time Management?
On a scale of 1 – 10?
1 is not good and 10 is very good
How many of these Top 10 Common Time Management Mistakes resonate with you?
• Failing to keep a “to do” list
• Not setting goals
• Not prioritising
• Failing to manage distractions
• Procrastination
• Taking on too much
• Thriving on busy (can get addicted)
• Multi tasking
• Not taking breaks
• Ineffectively scheduling tasks
Analyse your main Time Management problems:
1. Who is wasting your time? (boss, colleague?)
2. What is wasting your time? (paperwork, emails, phone calls, meetings?)
3. Where is your time being wasted? (travelling, meetings?)
4. When is your time wasted? (Before or after work?, more so AM or more so PM?)
5. Why is your time wasted? (failed to plan for the day, week, month, year in advance?, not setting priorities, workload, environment is unsuitable, people failing to respond to you?)

• Efficiency is doing things right
• Effectiveness is doing the right things
• Effective (adj.): Adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.
• Efficient (adj.) Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.
My Top Tips on Time Management:
• Write a to do list (day, week, month, year) 1st thing Am or last thing at night for next day – BUT SCHEDULE
• Set goals with dates (by when)
• Prioritize your list
• Take some breaks with rewards
• Accept that sometimes things have to change because the day didn’t go as planned but move on with a positive mind set
• Sometimes we have to be assertive and say “no”
• Recognise when you procrastinate and ask yourself “What am I doing right now? Is it taking towards what I want to achieve or away from it?”

Procrastination is Opportunities Assassin (Victor Kiam).
Sometimes we need to think about what we have to do, what we have to delegate and what we need to ditch!
All the best with your Time Management!

Shelley Edwards