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MEMBERS NEWS - Hampshire Business Launches Product in USA.

20 Jan 2015

Succinct Solutions successfully takes a Hampshire based company overseas with the announcement of a million pound business deal.

Based in Eastleigh, Succinct Solutions has worked closely with the nearby company Kwikbolt in order to secure a contract between the local design and manufacturing company and a global United States Aerospace Engineering Corporation.

Kwikbolt design and manufacture reusable single sided slave fasteners (SSSF) which are used to temporarily pin together the framing and chassis of aircraft and also other vehicles in the aerospace and defence industries. The company prides itself on its products speed, performance and strength.

Working on merit alone was not enough, Kwikbolt needed the expertise of a reputable sales and marketing company such as Succinct Solutions, who have over a decade’s worth of experience guiding company’s products and services through to see commercial success.

Succinct Solution’s role was to come in and asses Kwikbolt’s current position within the market and consult on where efforts needed to be made, firstly by identifying the “ideal customer”, who is going to be interested in this product? Who needs it in sufficient volumes for it to make commercial sense to the client? These customers are largely located in the United States.

The partnership have worked closely together, taking a number of steps in order to successfully revamp Kwikbolt’s Hampshire based image into one that is capable of attracting a trans-Atlantic following. Through revamping and creating all of the necessary marketing materials, the company is now ready to appeal on a global stage.

One of the great challenges to this project was taking a product which is innovative in both design and technology over to the trades shows in the United States. Trying to infiltrate a market that is already very well established faces fierce competition from long standing business partnerships. To overcome this challenge, Succinct Solutions needed to create very clear and targeted marketing to excite and engage with customers on the trade floors, in order to connect and generate those precious leads. Working together has allowed Kwikbolt to take their company to the next level and procure a Million pound pipeline between themselves and some valuable American business partners.

One of Kwikbolt’s Directors Jan states that “Working with the Succinct Solutions Team has put us in a position many years ahead of where we thought we would be when starting this company, their knowledge and expertise of sales and marketing has been invaluable to us and we are very proud to announce that we are now selling our products across the world.”

Succinct Solutions offers a free business consultation service to look at the key sales and marketing areas to be optimised. If you have any products or services that you would like to gain a wider market penetration in order to increase awareness and sales, Succinct Solutions can provide the knowledge and experience needed to guide your business to the next level.

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