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MEMBERS NEWS - Promoting with Quality Video.

01 Jan 2015

Vidibiz Digital Media, based in the New Forest, have recently introduced an affordable Video
product to support small and medium sized businesses by helping them promote their business
over the internet using “Chroma” or Green Screen technology.

The presenter is filmed in front of the green cloth in our studio or this could be in the client’s
office using our portable “pop‐up” studio and portable lighting kit. The client then delivers his
message to the camera, from memory (in preference) or autocue. Vidibiz are then able to
remove the background in post‐production and replace it with an image of the client’s choice,
this can be either a still photograph or moving video image. Either way the end result is a
professionally produced video the client can use on their website or in their Social Media
campaign. The technique ensures the client is able to easily adapt the background to suit the
target market and thereby maintain the dynamic of their web site and actively promote
optimization for Google and the other search engines.
This technology and technique is routinely used by all broadcast companies to typically present
the News and many other televised programmes.
Vidibiz have many tricks using the digital image that are very affordable and can be used to help
promote a business, create an audio visual archive, provide a training resource and record a
corporate event or conference that can be shared with those unable to attend.

To talk about how VidibiZ can help promote your business please contact:‐
Paul French

07525 405999