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BLOG - Is coaching for you?

19 Jan 2015

“The Power of Positivity”

How often do you hear yourself saying?
I wish I had done that years ago?
I don’t think I can achieve that?
I am no good at this?
Why do I not have enough time to get everything done?
Can I really make it to the next step on the career ladder?
I want to lose weight and get fit but it is such a struggle?

This is where Coaching comes in!

What is Coaching?

 Coaching is a two way partnership that is motivational, empowering and supportive.
 Coaching is a non judgemental development tool which does not impose.
 Coaching reflects rather than directs and turns problems into goals.
 Coaching moves you forward in any aspect of your life.
 Coaching helps you to grow and unlock your full potential.
 Coaching assists you in identifying your needs, values and goals/aspirations.
 A coach will encourage you to personally set and achieve your goals based on your own standards.
 A coach will encourage you to do more than you would if left to your own devices.
 Coaching helps you achieve results quickly by gaining clarity about what success means to you.
 Coaching gives you the support required to motivate you and keep you focused by maintaining your vision.
 Coaching provides an objective viewpoint, not coloured by friendship, rivalry or jealousy.

The Benefits of Coaching
Coaching helps people to think in a solution focused way in order to achieve their goals, and aspirations, this enables the individual to enhance their own performance by unlocking their full potential and it is effective in many situations.
Coaching assists you with moving forward and can support you in achieving your aims.
Coaching on a personal or business level can assist with:
 Confidence building
 Motivation and drive
 Planning and organisation
 Getting staff to adopt a powerful solution focused attitude
 Desire to achieve (thinking and seeing clearly)
 Developing your thinking by engaging your imagination and focussing your mind
 Relationship building
 Turning problems into goals (defining goals)
 Drawing out your possibilities in order to help you achieve
 Improvement focus
 Enhancing internal and external customer services in your business
 Helping teams to be effective and high performers
 Career coaching
 Moving businesses forward
 Driving sales in your business
 Getting things done!
 Changing the way you think and feel
 Challenging limiting beliefs
 Being at your best more often

Successful people get coached and become more successful!

Shelley Edwards - Progress to Success