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MEMBERS NEWS - Rentsoft Meter™ selected as Finalist for Inspire Innovation Excellence Award

19 Nov 2014

Basingstoke, Hampshire. October 2014- The judges for the 2014 Inspire Business Awards have selected Rentsoft Meter™ from The Business Software Centre as one of three finalists for the Innovation Excellence Award.

Judges will be visiting all finalists for a detailed assessment and winners will be revealed at the glittering gala dinner set for Thursday 13 November, where 600 esteemed guests will gather in anticipation of the announcement.

The Inspire business awards programme has been a huge success since 2005 with hundreds of local businesses attending the Inspire Business Awards Dinner each year. INSPIRE14 will showcase North Hampshire regional businesses and will centre around an outstanding awards ceremony to promote the continued success of the region’s businesses.
“Once again the judging has been difficult, with some fantastic businesses putting in entries from right across the region, there is a huge diversity from recent start-ups to globally recognised brands all demonstrating why north Hampshire is such a great place for businesses to thrive, unfortunately there can only be three finalists from each category, so there was some lively debate among the judges” said John Biffen from Menzies, one of the judges.
The Business Software Centre Ltd realised that organisations spend vast amounts of money every year on software licenses, without realizing that many of these licenses aren’t actually used, or are simply not utilized to their full capacity. Being able to focus on the software actually used, rather than on what has been allocated, means that organisations save money. Rentsoft Meter™ is designed to help organisations to be more cost-effective. With accurate software usage reports available within minutes of deployment you can:
• Identify wasted costs
• Improve IT efficiency
• Take control of supplier negotiations

Rentsoft Meter™ was launched in February 2014 and has been used on thousands of computers since then. Being selected for the Inspire Innovation Excellence Award is recognition of the innovation and enterprise that the company has devoted to this new product.