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BLOG - Be healthy work better and be more productive

28 Aug 2014

Having a healthy lifestyle means having a happy, longer and fulfilled life!
Many people find it hard to stay focussed and maintain a healthy regime and sometimes a simple thing like planning meal times in advance can be of great benefit

Finding exercise that you actually enjoy doing instead of what you think you should be doing will keep you interested and motivated and have you ever considered taking the word “diet” out of your vocabulary?

Do you find it hard to maintain a healthy weight? Do you start diets and never reach your goal?
How many times have you attempted a healthy regime and not continued it?
What stops you from achieving it? How would changing the way you think and feel help you?
Coaching gets you motivated, back on track and you make the decisions and set your own goals in order to succeed. I have enjoyed my own weight loss goals through the power of coaching as the drive and determination you connect with is such a powerful resource.

Emotional hunger will never be satisifed only physical hunger will be.
I can help you to understand your relationship with food and exercise so you can make necessary changes in order to reach your goals and have the life you want.
I am passionate about health and well being and whether it is just coaching you need to move you forward to where you want to be or a combination of coaching and yoga then please contact me for a free consultation as I welcome the opportunity to help you to help yourself and get the life you want!

Using Neuro Linguistic programming tools and other coaching techniques and giving you exercises to practice on your own your coaching journey will be an exciting and inspiring one! Taking action will get you positive results, thinking and not doing will not!

Shelley Edwards -  Progress to Success