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21 Jul 2014

Hosting and Cloud Solutions for Business Issues

Scenario - I was recently involved in a relocation of a business for approximately 12 staff members. This was however left to the very last minute and meant within a few weeks we had to be out of the existing office and relocated to a new office - approximately 10 miles away. To add to the difficulties the new offices were not available for 2 months – leaving the business homeless.

Problem – This presented a number of issues, not only did we have a lack of office space to move into, but also nowhere to place the email servers, telephone systems and other business critical servers in the interim.

In addition to this, the distance from the existing location meant that the existing telephone numbers could not be linked to the new location. This meant we could potentially lose the main number the company had been working with for many years.

Considerations – As soon as it was confirmed that the relocation was unavoidable, quick decisions and actions had to be taken. The areas we needed to consider were:

Telephony - how staff would take calls, especially in the weeks before the move into the new office.

Email – Many correspondences were via email

Business Applications: Including accounting, to ensure the business ran with no interruptions

Staff Management – To maintain the office environment even without an office, the business had office workers and field reps. Consideration needed to be given on how staff were going to work together with no central office.

Solutions – The current system was a VoIP system, this was placed at an employee’s home on a fast fibre to the cabinet broadband. SIP trunks were implemented onto the system; this allowed voice communication over the Internet connection.

Each office based person worked from home and connected their desk phone to the systems over the Internet. The field reps placed an app on their smart phones and voice communication was as good as before. SIP trunks took any geographic number and placed it on the Internet.

The current Exchange email Server was migrated to Mircrosoft 365, in the cloud. Emails could be received anywhere there was Internet access, also we incorporated Microsoft Lync for team working, instant messaging and presence, Everyone could tell when others were available very quickly, and integrate with them better than before.

Business applications were placed on a cloud based server, on a monthly fee – rather than requiring a very costly replacement of old falling servers and licences. Everyone could access the required information from any Internet location. All backed up, and with secure login and access.

The end result was a business working better than if it had the office, and we even contemplating whether to even have an office.

6 months on – a survey revealed customers were not aware the business was office-less for 8 weeks and was now operating from new offices – All thanks to new technologies we put in place

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