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23 Jun 2014

Are you limited by your beliefs? NLP can help

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Ever said to yourself or to anyone else that you cant do something because you are not good enough at it or you will probably not succeed? Yes? Then you experienced a limiting belief. They literally stop us from achieving what we desire because we tell ourselves the unhelpful thought/s so many times that we totally believe it to be true!

Guess what? You can actually reprogramme an unhelpful limiting belief and set up a new empowering, helpful belief that will move you towards what you want to achieve instead of further from it.

Many people are unaware that limiting beliefs are a major cause of unhappiness in our world today!

How we think determines how we feel and how we feel determines our behaviour and how we act and in turn our results. Limiting beliefs spread to every aspect of our behaviour, thinking and our personality. They are like an infection that hinder us, keeping us in a stuck state and they can change the way in which we perceive the world and people in it! They can play a part in every aspect of our life, relationships, career, home. social, health, financial, and hobbies/interests.

How do you know that limiting beliefs are a problem for you?
Do you feel that you do not deserve certain things?
Do you drop out of things because you feel you cannot do them?
Do you feel inferior to others?
How often do you doubt your own abilities and skills?
Do you have an issue with trusting people?

Answering yes and giving examples will confirm that you are a victim of a limiting belief!

You are not alone. Many people have limiting beliefs but choosing to do something about it can change your life forever! In my role I have helped many people to help themselves by taking them through exercises and using tools that release them from the confines of limiting thinking and beliefs and setting up new energies and empowering new mental pathways that mean they can live the life they really want to.

Here are a few examples of how NLP Coaching has helped my clients deal with and eradicate limiting beliefs:
Being able to speak publicly and do presentations.
Lose weight and wear something that they never thought they would again and feel great.
Get the next job on the career ladder and increase their earnings considerably.
Be more assertive and feel freedom.
Live a healthy lifestyle.
Combined weight loss of 17 stone for 3 clients!
Manage Stress and stop panic attacks.

Shelley Edwards is running an NLP workshop in July details here or contact her on  02380 420455 or 07505 600719