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BLOG - Marketing data

05 Jun 2014

The business of marketing data-8 simple ways for you to analyse

The ghastly business of analysing marketing data is probably the marketing equivalent of preparing a room to decorate.  You know all that horrendous and boring wallpaper removal, crack repair and sanding – it’s a tedious process but boy can you tell if you haven’t done the prep.

Have I pressed a nerve?  When did you last look at how your marketing is working?  You know what they say, if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got…
So the first thing to do is actually capture the data and record it. Look at

  • Social media  interaction
  • Info from customer feedback forms (you DO have one don’t you…)
  • Web visitors using Google Analytics
  • Newsletter responses
  • Responses from campaigns (what worked what didn’t)
  • What your customers are purchasing – and perhaps more usefully, what they are not

OK, now analyse:

  1. Which social networks seem to be attracting most attention? If you don’t know this you might be wasting a lot of time in the wrong place.
  2. Is this attention converting to custom –and how long is that taking?  Have you used a particular technique to drive that conversion?
  3. Are you making the most of a popular product or service by a) giving it a high profile on your website and b) by using it as a hook to a package of more than one service or product
  4. Are you sharing your great testimonials?
  5. Which pages on your website are driving traffic and what’s the bounce rate – i.e. how many people are immediately leaving the page because it is not delivering what they expect?
  6. Are your web resources being visited or are they perceived to be same old same old so no-one is downloading them?
  7. How many people have even bothered to look at your newsletter?  A low rate is probably due to a very boring subject heading like “Latest newsletter” – come on – when did YOU actually click on any incoming emails that said that?!
  8. Is the ad you’ve placed to run month on month actually doing anything?  Is it the publication that is not engaging with the right people or is it your ad?  When did you last change it? 

Don’t diss analytics, don’t step away from them and think about doing them “another day”. They give you solid and measurable facts which will stop you wasting time and money, give you a clear sense of direction and take your marketing to the next level.

Jane Buswell want to hear more gems?