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BLOG - Oh by the way, you have to be a Magazine Editor too…

02 Feb 2016

In the last month I’ve picked up three new clients because they like how I sound on the internet. How has that happened and what could you do?

Marketing has become more and more demanding and now we all have to act like the Editors of our own business publication. 

I’d like you to think of your website as a magazine and your potential clients as readers. Is there anything on it that’s interesting to your target market?  Is there anything that would make people return to the website or sign up for your newsletter or point out something on there to their contacts? Do you offer the odd “free gift”?


What is it that people found attractive about my website?

All of them mentioned my blog ( they liked what I was talking about and they liked how I sounded.  They felt I was approachable and on their wavelength. Do you sound like that or are you still positioning yourself as Corporate with a capital “C” and Professional with a capital “P”?  Time to loosen your ties folks…

One mentioned my postcard video – a toe tapping depiction of my postcard portfolio with lots of ideas as to how they can be used.

Two of them mentioned my rubber ducks – these are now firmly embedded as my branding and they are both quirky and memorable. These ducks are extended into my activities on social media of course - which is how two people found me. One laughed at a duck base quip on Twitter, the other found my quirky postcards on Pinterest having done an image search on Google.

I know that marketing is a tremendous faff but here’s what you have to remember. It pays to

  • Help not sell
  • Inject some personality
  • Appear where your target market is looking

I hope that helps. If you’d like more detailed advice about marketing or social media just get in touch   07966 155518